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BlueGone™ - Retro
BlueGone™ - Retro
BlueGone™ - Retro
BlueGone™ - Retro
BlueGone™ - Retro
BlueGone™ - Retro

BlueGone™ - Retro

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🔵 Blue light is bombarding your eyes right now. The screen you're reading this on is spraying out blue light in all directions and your eyes are staring right into it. Probably for minutes, maybe even hours at a time. Blue light in large doses can be catastrophic for the eye.

🏫 According to a recent Harvard Medical Journal Study, it was demonstrated that exposure to too much blue light can cause eye strain, sleep disturbances and in some cases, retinal damage.

👓 Fortunately, the special coating on these glasses filters out 95% of the strongest blue light wavelength while remaining practically clear with no obvious tint.

🎮 No matter if you're gaming, working, or relaxing on the internet you are being assaulted by blue light.

🛡️ Wear BlueGone™ glasses to instantly shield your eyes from the blue light produced by modern digital devices (that means your smartphone, computer, or tablet).

☀️ In addition, the lenses also reflects harmful UVA/UVB rays that are present almost everywhere. 

🛏️ Blue light exposure can also disrupt your circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) which can produce symptoms like;

  • Having a hard time falling asleep
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Waking up groggy
  • And many more!

🔧 It's a well known fact that sleep is an extremely crucial process for the body. Sleep allows your body to repair and restore its energy. Any disruption in sleep can be crippling to your mental and physical abilities.

😴 Get better sleep and block the digital blue light.


In summary, you may benefit from these glasses if you;
  •     Spend long hours looking at screens
  •     Are experiencing symptoms of eye strain (headaches, blurred vision, loss of sleep)
  •     Have "abnormal" sleep patterns
  •     Use your device after sunset
  •     Are concerned about your eye health

👀 So put on your BlueGone glasses and shield your sparkling eyes from that blue light! Don't let your eyes miss out on this bargain!


Learn more about the effects of blue light from this infographic provided by Nature Neuroscience

    Made from durable plastic and specially coated to block 95% of the strongest blue wavelength. Frames available in Black, Black + White, Red Fade, Leopard, and Walnut color.

    Why aren't these glasses tinted yellow like the ones I've seen before?

    Our lenses are specially designed to filter out 95% of the strongest blue light wavelengths while remaining practically clear with no obvious tint. Allowing you to stay inconspicuous at work or while gaming.

    What are some other benefits of BlueGone™ Glasses?

    In addition to filtering out blue light, the lenses are anti-glare to further reduce eyestrain.

    Are they vision correcting or have magnification?

    No. BlueGone™ Glasses do not have prescription lenses or provide magnification.

    When should I wear them?

    Wear these glasses any time you are looking at your phone / computer / digital devices screen to protect your eyes from the adverse effects of blue light.

    Can my health insurance cover the costs of these glasses?

    If you have vision insurance your glasses could be reimbursed by your provider; check with you health plan to be sure. You will receive an invoice to submit to your insurance provider.


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